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Terms and Conditions

Users are responsible for reading these Terms and Conditions. Customers agree to the terms and conditions when a reservation is made. In addition, the customer accepts any changes to the Terms and Conditions made in the interim between securing a reservation and their stay and agrees to abide by those terms.

These General Rental Conditions apply to reservations and agreements regarding the guesthouse De Landstee, belonging to Landleven Luttenberg, standing and located at Schanebroeksweg 12, 8105 RJ Luttenberg in Overijssel, The Netherlands.

In these General Rental Conditions, the term ‘tenant’ is understood to mean: the person who enters into an agreement with the Landlord regarding the rental of the guesthouse De Landstee and any additional procurement of equestrian services and/or accommodations.

These General Rental Conditions apply regardless of your (prior) reference to any own conditions or to other general conditions. We disclaim any Terms and Conditions to which you refer, or which are used by you.

Agreements deviating from these General Rental Conditions are only valid if agreed to in writing before commencement of tenant’s stay.

We accept reservations only from persons who are 18 years or older. Reservations made by persons younger than 18 years are therefore not valid.

a. The parties hereby conclude a rental and rental agreement regarding a guesthouse, located in Luttenberg, hereinafter referred to as “the rented property”.
The agreement concerns the rental of the guesthouse for recreational use, which by its nature is short-term.
b. With inventory according to itemized list, which is attached to this contract.
c. The rented property may not be occupied by more than 4 people (add a baby cot in consultation). The tenant is not permitted to (sub)let or allow the use of the rented property in whole or in part to others.
d. No pets are allowed on the rental property.

e. The rental price is announced on the website www.landlevenluttenberg.nl and will be adjusted annually.
f. The rental price is the amount for the use of the guesthouse, including the use of the fixed inventory, as described in Appendix I, and including the use of water/light/indoor electricity, bed linen (duvets, pillows, duvet covers and (cover) sheets), bath towels and kitchen linens (tea towels) for a maximum of 4 persons. Also, including tourist tax from the municipality of Raalte and a final cleaning.
g. Any extra services and equine accommodations are not included in the rental price.

h. Moving cupboards and beds, as well as sound or television equipment or taking any part of the indoor inventory outside with you – except of course crockery, glasses and cutlery for your meals out of doors – is expressly forbidden.
i. Giving parties, etc. in the rented property is not allowed.
j. Entering the grounds of Landleven Luttenberg is entirely at your own risk.
k. The use of the (bookable) services is entirely at your own risk.

l. If you wish to stable your horse/pony you will be asked upon arrival for the equine passport with current vaccination status of each animal. If you are unable to show a valid vaccination certificate or if the horse/pony is in poor health upon arrival, the horse/pony cannot be admitted to the grounds, in order to prevent the transmission of possible diseases. Stabling your horse/pony is entirely at your own risk, Landleven Luttenberg cannot be held responsible for injury and/or damage. We therefore advise you as a guest to insure your horse/pony before your stay.

m. In case of emergency, the landlord reserves the right to enter the guesthouse De Landstee.

n. The landlord always has access to the stable and horse/pony accommodations.

o. When you book a reservation with Landleven Luttenberg, you automatically agree to the terms and conditions, with the assumption that you also comply with them.

• On the day of arrival, the guesthouse is available at 3 PM. On the day of departure, the guesthouse must be vacated by 11:00 am at the latest. (Deviating times in consultation, based on availability and for an additional surcharge of € 15.00 per hour.)
• The guesthouse is pet-free and smoke-free. Smoking is allowed outside on the terrace. In the event that smoking is detected in a room, cleaning costs of € 150 will be charged. If the fire alarm goes off due to smoking in De Landstee, the call-out costs of the fire brigade amounting to €275 will be charged.
 Open fire and/or the use of a fire basket is not allowed.

• Loud music and parties are absolutely forbidden. If either occurs, you will be immediately removed from the guesthouse, regardless of the time, day or night.

• It is prohibited to consume, use, trade or carry laughing gas and/or (whipped cream) cartridges within the grounds of Landleven Luttenberg.

• The use of light/water and electricity inside the guesthouse is included, but we ask you to use them conservatively.

• There are costs associated with using the car charging station, the lessor will inform you about the applicable rates at that time.
• Barbecuing with the available BBQ is allowed only in combination with the BBQ service.
• Subletting all or part of the tenant’s stay is expressly prohibited.
• A group of more people in the guesthouse than agreed to with the reservation, or a group exceeding the maximum of 4 people is expressly forbidden without permission, and unless otherwise agreed to in writing. Violation of this conditions can lead to the premature termination of the rental agreement on our part, without a refund. With advance permission for an additional person, one extra (baby camping) bed will be provided for a fee.

• It is forbidden to use emergency exits/windows as normal entrances and exits.
• Guesthouse De Landstee has a (wireless) internet connection that the tenant can use, the following applies to this service: The tenant is responsible and liable for their own internet use and for fines imposed due to illegal streaming or uploading to or downloading from the internet. The personal data of the renter/offender will be made known at the request of authorities/copyright holder(s). All costs incurred by the landlord in connection with such a breach will be recovered from the tenant.

• There are cameras in various places within the grounds of Landleven Luttenberg. Everyone who is within the grounds agrees to the recordings being made. In the event of calamities and/or incidents, these recordings can be shown to the authorities as supporting material.

• Landleven Luttenberg respects the privacy of all visitors. However, if there is a compelling reason, the management of Landleven Luttenberg is at all times authorized to enter De Landstee without permission.

A list with names and addresses of the party is required upon arrival (for the residence administration required by the municipality of Raalte).

• Reservation is considered paid after payment clears by bank.

• A deposit (see article 5 below) of € 250.00 is required; this must also be paid in advance, at the time of making the reservation.

• Extra costs (drinks, services, horse stabling, car charging station) incurred during your stay, are required to be paid by card or cash before departure.

The lessor will repay the deposit after the end of the stay, less what the tenant owes the lessor (see article 4 and article 9) within 7 days of checking out from guesthouse.

If the tenant cannot or will not accept the rented property on the agreed date for whatever reason, he must immediately inform the landlord of this. A telephone notification of this must be confirmed in writing or by email/WhatsApp.

Cancellations must be made no later than 30 days prior to the commencement of tenant’s reservation.

In case of cancellation, a standard fee of 20% of the invoice amount will be charged.

If the cancellation takes place later than 30 days before the start of your stay, the full amount of reservation will be due.

By reservation we mean any confirmed reservation whether paid or not. We advise our guests to take out (ongoing) travel/cancellation insurance. If tenant cancels with no travel insurance, unfortunately the costs are at their own risk and account.

The lessor is obliged to have the rental property available to the tenant in good condition and on the agreed date and time.

The tenant is obliged to use the rental property properly and to leave the rental property in good condition, neat and tidy as found.

The tenant is liable for damage to the rental property during the rental period, including damage to or any loss of the furnishings, and/or the unnecessary spraying of the fire extinguisher, unless the tenant can demonstrate that the damage cannot be attributed tenant or any guests. The amount paid out under any insurance policy will be deducted from the claim amount.

Landleven Luttenberg is not liable for the loss or theft of personal belongings and goods of the tenant. A safe is available on request.

The cost of normal maintenance and repair of defects are the responsibility of the lessor. If defects occur, the tenant must immediately notify the lessor.

If the landlord does not fulfill his obligations, the tenant has the right to demand compliance and/or compensation. If the breach of contract gives sufficient reason to do so, the tenant has the right to terminate the agreement without judicial intervention. If the tenant wishes to make use of this right, he must immediately inform the landlord of this in writing and with reasons. In that case, the lessor will immediately repay the rent in whole or in part, depending on the nature and duration of the breach of contract. The tenant retains the right to compensation.

It is noted here that the landlord cannot be held responsible for any disruption, change or prevention of the tenant’s stay, if this is the result of unforeseen or insurmountable events beyond his control (in particular: RIVM measures regarding Covid-19). The lessor cannot be held responsible for inconveniences caused by the work of third parties, such as the municipality, province, arable and livestock farms, etc. The lessor declines any responsibility for loss, theft or damage to luggage, personal belongings, trailers or vehicles, as well as for costs arising from the failure to check in the guest accommodation De Landstee in time from any outside delay.

If the tenant has not paid the rent by the date due, or fails to fulfill other obligations under this agreement, the landlord has the right to demand performance and/or compensation.
If the breach of contract gives sufficient cause to do so, the lessor has the right to terminate the agreement without judicial intervention. If the landlord wishes to make use of this right, he must immediately inform the tenant of this in writing and with reasons. The lessor retains the right to compensation.

We reserve the right to change our general terms and conditions and privacy statement at all times. The amendments will take effect on the (announced) time of implementation.

Landleven Luttenberg will do its utmost to display the details as accurately as possible. Landleven Luttenberg is not responsible for printing errors.

Landleven Luttenberg has the right to change the published information, including prices, photos and descriptions at any time.

Landleven Luttenberg has the right to adjust the general terms and conditions when necessary.

Users are responsible for reading these terms and conditions and the privacy statement. When making a reservation, customers automatically agree to the terms and conditions, and privacy statement. In addition, the customer accepts any changes to the and conditions, and privacy statement made in the interim between securing a reservation and their stay and agrees to abide by those terms.

These terms and conditions do not affect the legal rights of the user.

Dutch law applies to these general terms and conditions and/or agreement.

Disclaimer: Celebrating your holiday within the guidelines of the RIVM 

Guesthouse De Landstee belonging to Landleven Luttenberg cannot be held liable in any way (or accept liability) for the behavior of its tenants with regard to the corona measures imposed by the government and for the possibility that its tenants are exposed to a possible corona infection. 

Description of the permanent furnishings and inventory of guesthouse De Landstee.


1 dining table *)

1 garden bench with cushions *)
4 chairs with cushions *) 

Play options and outdoor games *) **)

1 Barbecue in combination with BBQ service**)

*) during the summer season
**) use entirely at your own risk

Living (living room/kitchen):

1 2.5 seat sofa
1 dining table
4 dining room chairs

1 coffee table

Highchair(s) (on request)

1 Sideboard containing board games, plates, cups and glasses.

1 Smart TV (without TV service, so you can use your own streaming account)

Fitted kitchen:

Extractor hood, induction hob, fridge with freezer, built-in oven microwave, dishwasher, coffee maker, kettle, various pots and pans, coasters, crockery.

Free (limited) Coffee & Tea


Coat rack 

Dry-running mat

2 Umbrellas

Supply area:

Vacuum cleaner


Cleaning products

Dustpan and brush 

Double bedroom:

Double COCOMAT box spring (160×210) with two mattresses, topper with protective cover, four pillows and duvet.
2 “bedside tables” / two lamps 



Smaller double bedroom:

Two single beds, both with mattress and protective cover and one pillow per bed and duvet.

1 x baby camp bed (on request)
Two bedside lamps 

Wall cabinet, mirror and suitcase holder


Rain shower, sink, toilet, hair dryer, bathmat, (washing machine and dryer arrangement *) * surcharge

You can purchase various interior accessories from us, prices on request. 

Landleven Luttenberg
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8105 RJ Luttenberg
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