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Horse holiday, complete care, boarding and rearing young horses

Want to bring your own horse on holiday? Here you can! Landleven Luttenberg is one of the few private stables that offers guests the opportunity to bring their own horse/pony on holiday. If the weather permits, your horse/pony may be kept in the meadow/paddock opposite your guesthouse. This way you can always enjoy one another’s presence.
Would you like to discover the beautiful Salland with your own horse? The wooded area of the National Park Sallandse Heuvelrug is ideal for making forest and country rides, on horseback or by carriage. There are various riding and driving routes available.
We offer the ideal facilities for your horse: a modern stable with five spacious boxes and a meadow/paddock, located at your guesthouse. The spacious horse boxes with automatic drinking troughs are connected to the mains water supply; the grooming area is equipped with cold and warm water. This way your horse can naturally enjoy and relax after a wonderful ride.
The accommodation of your horse/pony (horse box including bedding, forage and pasture/paddock) can only be booked in combination with the rental of “De Landstee”. Please indicate your intention of bringing your own horse/pony when booking the guesthouse.

Note: Upon arrival, you will be asked for your horse/pony’s passport with current (up to date) vaccinations. If a valid vaccination certificate is not presented or if the horse/pony is in general poor health on arrival, the horse/pony will not be admitted to the site, in order to prevent transmission of possible diseases. Stabling your horse/pony is entirely at your own risk. Landleven Luttenberg cannot be held responsible for injury and/or damage. As a precaution when visiting, we recommend that you insure your horse/pony.


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Landleven Luttenberg also specializes in short-term horse stabling. Are you going on holiday or are you temporarily unable to look after your horse? We can take care of your horse, in a quiet, personalized environment. Your horse will be optimally cared for and provided sufficient exercise. (Due to safety measures, your horse will not be ridden by us.) Because of the individual arrangements and agreements that we make together, your horse will receive fully customized care in terms of nutrition and special wishes (such as rehabilitation). Please inquire about the many possibilities! This option is separate from a stay in De Landstee.

We also offer a quiet, small-scale young horse rearing venue, located in the middle of farmlands (at the end of a cul-de-sac) of no less than (in total) 5 hectares. The spacious plots are fenced mostly with wide ribbon and cord, and a few other materials. Fresh drinking water is available through automatic waterers.

The plots are located around our house providing immediate daily supervision of the foals/horses and ponies.
During the summer period (May till the end of September) the foals/horses/ponies are kept in small groups of a maximum of 6 per meadow. That time period may be shortened or extended by bad or good weather, depending on the grazing condition of the plots and the amount of grass/forage available. The manager determines the grazing of the foal/horse/pony at his own discretion. If the weather conditions and the condition of the pasture allow this, the foal/horse/pony will go out into the pasture for the entire grazing season.

In the winter period (October to April) the rearing horses/ponies stay in a spacious paddock with shelter. The horses are provided high-quality forage 24 hours a day (100% St. Jacob’s ragwort free), unlimited tap water, and once a day grain/ration feeding. By keeping the horses outside in a natural way as possible, they can exercise freely in the fresh air.

A quiet environment, with space and love for animals is our number one priority.
Each equine develops at its own pace here and can expect diligent attention and care. The horses/ponies are regularly dewormed (under the supervision of the vet) and trimmed by a very skilled farrier. The horses and ponies are also vaccinated on schedule. Farrier services, deworming and any veterinary costs for vaccinations or other matters will be charged separately. 

For more information, please refer to the list of rates.

Request a free quote for services regarding complete care, boarding and rearing young horses.

Our stables and rearing accommodations are open by appointment every weekday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Open during holidays by arrangement.

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8105 RJ Luttenberg
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